Volume 7 Issue 3


Health Education Communication

Saadia Shahzad. 7(3): 92.

Strategical Paper

The Radial Loop Fingerprint Pattern

Andres J Washington. 7(3): 93-94.

Research Article

Satisfied After Nose Job? A Peep into Rhinoplasty Clients’ Psychology and Possibility of Underlying Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Aalia Akhtar Hayat, Muhammad Rizwan Aslam, Noman Ahmed and Salman Ahmed. 7(3): 100-105.

Research Article

Relationship Between Juvenile Physical Activity and Hebephrenia in Greece

Papanikolaou F and Bebetsos E. 7(3): 112-117.


Are you being Hypnotised into being Ill?

Paul Wilkins. 7(3): 118.

Review Article

Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching: Applications to Health and Personal Development Contexts

Marina Carvalho, Margarida Gaspar de Matos and Maria Helena Anjos. 7(3): 119-129.


Notes from the Land of Psychosis

Anna Cornelia Beyer. 7(3): 130-131.