Volume 7 Issue 12

Mini Review

The Mistake of the Open Plan Office

Tony Buon. 7(12): 957-959.

Mini Review

The Walking Brain: Factors Influencing Human Gait

De Bartolo Daniela and Iosa Marco. 7(12): 960-963.

Research Article

Imagining One’s Compassionate Self and Coping with Life Difficulties

Paul Gilbert and Jaskaran Basran. 7(12): 971-978.

Research Article

Assessing Efficacy of Life Skills Training Program on Mental Health Status of Schizophrenic Inpatients’ Family

Seyyed Mohammad Moosavi, Mani B Monajemi and Somaye Mashhadi Kholerdi. 7(12): 979-991.

Research Article

Lithium Carbonate and Lamotrigine for Treatment of Bipolar Depression: Which is Better? Results from Chinese Data in Meta-Analysis

Jin Rui, Chen Fengpei, Zhu Jianfeng, Gao Zhihan, Shen Yin, Chen Zhenxin, Ren Zhibin, Ma Yongchun and Jin Weidong. 7(12): 992-1002.

Short Communication

Psychotherapy, the Dance between Art and Science

Mario Molinaro. 7(12): 1003-1004.

Research Article

Demography, Psychiatric Morbidity and Motives of Self-Harm: A Pilot Study in Bangladesh

Hasina Akter, Bithika Mali and SM Yasir Arafat. 7(12): 1008-1014.

Review Article

Psychobiology of Sadness: Functional Aspects in Human Evolution

Rui Mateus Joaquim, Flávia Cristina Santiago de Oliveira, Renato Salviato Fajardo and Sandro Caramaschi. 7(12): 1015-1022.

Research Article

The Role of Meaning in Life in Adjustment to a Chronic Medical Condition: A Review

Umair Majid and Jeffrey Ennis. 7(12): 1023-1030.