Volume 7 Issue 10

Research Article

Gender Differences in Negative Self-Concept among Schooling Adolescents

Halimah Awang, Wah Yun Low, Wen Ting Tong, Whye Lian Cheah, Helen Benedict Lasimbang and Hamizah Mohd Hassan. 7(10): 679-683.

Review Article

Brain Insulin Dysregulation: Consequence for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Carnell Colebrook-Claude. 7(10): 684-695.

Conceptual Paper

Another Look at the Primary Classification

Andres J Washington. 7(10): 696-700.

Research Article

The Effect of Play Therapy on the Reduction of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Sample of the Symptoms of Abused Children

Sereen Rabie Al-Banna and Faisal Moh’d Khair Al-Zarrad. 7(10): 701-714.


The Clouded Mirror: Trauma and Attachment

Amanda Robins. 7(10): 727-728.


Frequency Analysis and Brain Mapping on Patients with Depression. A MEG Study with Pico-Tesla TMS

Photios Anninos, Adam Adamopoulos, Athanasia Kotini and Nicolaos Tsagas. 7(10): 734-737.

Research Article

Prevalence Depression among Adolescents in North of Iran

Mahnaz Fallahi Khesht Masjedi. 7(10): 738-743.


Brain Hibernation for Employee Efficiency

ST Janetius and Talukdar S. 7(10): 744-747.