Volume 5 Issue 4

Research Article

The Impact of Female Abuse on Social Anxiety Among Females of Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: A Pilot Study

Fajar Abdulrazzak Aldulijan, Abdullatif Sami Al Rashed, Asmaa Ibrahim Al Khamis, Marwah Mohammed Al-Jumaiah, Zainab Ali Al Ammar, Zainab Yousef Al Shaqaq and Seema Irshad. 5(4): 110-116.

Assertion Paper

ADHD, a New Beginning

Carlo Demarco. 5(4): 117-118.

Case Study

Workplace Bullying in Organizational Contexts: A Case-Study Review from the Organizational Behavior and Management Theory

Noel Muñiz-Rodríguez, Antonio Ariza-Montes and Vicente Fernández-Rodríguez. 5(4): 119-131.

Investigational Paper

MEG and Pico-Tesla-TMS in Patients with Migraine, Depression or Schizophrenia

P Anninos, A Kotini, A Adamopoulos and N Tsagas. 5(4): 132-133.

Review Article

Addressing Concerns of Gifted Adolescents through Optimism Attitude Model and Optimism Attitude Therapy

Padmakali Banerjee, Amita Puri and Letha Ram Mohan. 5(4): 134-139.