Volume 4 Issue 6


Obesity and Body Image Perception among Adolescents

Mohammed ALBashtawy. 4(6): 216-217.

Research Article

The Impact of Daisies Capsule on Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women

Masoomeh Kheirkhah, Naghmeh Shahbaz Tabari, SamanehHamzi and Mohsen Vahedi. 4(6): 218-224.

Research Article

Vocal Fold Nodules and Psychopathology in Children

Rahime Hülya Bingöl, Zahra Polat, Dilara Demirpence, Ezgi Sen, Pinar Algedik, Isik Baltaci and Serpil Hülya Ahmet. 4(6): 225-230.

Research Article

Comparative Study of Positivity and Self-Efficacy for the Regulation of Negative Emotions in Persons with and without Cardiovascular Disease

Bárbara Luque, Maria del Mar García, Esther Cuadrado, Tamara Gutiérrez, Rosario Castillo, Alicia Arenas and Carmen Tabernero. 4(6): 247-263.