Volume 4 Issue 5

Review Article

Autonomic Nervous System Assessment: A Novel Window on Clinical Stress

Daniela Lucini and Massimo Pagani. 4(5): 172-180.

Review Article

Christianity and Mental Illness: Evil or Sickness?

Santiago Almanzar. 4(5): 181-188.

Research Article

Assessing Efficacy of Music Therapy on Pre-Menstrual Syndrome’s Severity of Symptoms

Javad Setareh, Mani B Monajemi, Sepehr Setareh and Somayeh Navayee. 4(5): 189-198.

Short Communication

Attachment and Psychopathological Risk in Students Attending an Italian University

Michela Erriu, Giulia Ballarotto, Eleonora Marzilli, Silvia Cimino and Luca Cerniglia. 4(5): 199-205.

Research Article

Depression, Quality of Life and Smoking in Late Adulthood

Miriam Schiff and Anat Roll. 4(5): 206-215.