Volume 10 Issue 9

Research Article

The Use of Computer Programs and their Effectiveness in the Rehabilitation of Executive Functions in Acquired Brain Damage. Review Article

Reyna Isabel Rey Fuentes, Jiménez-Maldonado ME, Arroyo-Medrano M and Villaseñor-Cabrera T. 10(9): 12-23.

Research Article

Marital Adjustment in Afghan Women through Life Skills Training: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Masoomeh Kheirkhah, Roqia Askari and Fatemeh Farshad. 10(9): 24-30.

Research Article

Type D Personality as a Predictor of COVID-19-Related Dysfunctional Anxiety and Psychological Trauma

Leslie Rodriguez, Hilary DeShong and Michael Shriner. 10(9): 01-11.

Review Article

Chronicle and the Murdered House: The Discourse of Freudian Femininity in Lúcio Cardoso

Alaiana Menezes Da Silva, Ana Carolina Peck Vasconcelos, Daniele Evelin Viana Pinheiro, Jessica Samantha Lira Da Costa and Julliana Morgado Rocha. 10(9): 31-39.

Short Communication

Personality Disorders and its Psychological Diagnosis

Bishnu P Upadhaya. 10(9): 66-68.

Short Communication

Wicked Messes: The New Reality

Ian I Mitroff. 10(9): 69-71.

Conceptual Paper

The Scientific Study of Enlightment

Ad van der Ven. 10(9): 72-73.