Volume 9 Issue 1

Research Article

Jaundice in Neonatology: About a Moroccan Nicu

Soufiane El Moussaoui, F Bennaoui, N El Idrissi Slitine and FMR Maoulainine. 9(1): 01-05.

Case Report

A Rare Case of Pediatric Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm: A Case Report

Mohamed Ahmed Maki Ebrahim, Mohamed Almuqamam, Alyosha Smolarski, Ying Xian Liu and Aziza Sedrak. 9(1): 01-04.

Review Article

Probiotics and Mastitis During Lactation

Alexander Barrios Sanjuanelo. 9(1): 137-144.

Research Article

Prevalence of Eosinophilic Digestive Diseases in Hospital de Niños Dr. Roberto Gilbert in Guayaquil-Ecuador

Vilma Alexandra Salvador Medina and Miguel Angel Hernández Cedeño. 9(1): 08-14.

Research Article

Zinc Deficiency among Malnourished Children under 5 Years in Gaza City

Mirvat H Abdraboh, Adnan A Alwahaidi, Ayman Abu Mostafa and Baker M Zabut. 9(1): 106-118.

Case Report

Epilepsy of Janz (Juvenile Myoclonic), Report of the Case of Two Brothers and Review of the Literature

José Roberto Cárdenas Félix, Humberto Ortiz Castañeda and Gabriel Miranda Nava. 9(1): 102-105.

Research Article

Glycemic Abnormality in Children during Severe Malaria in Togo

Takassi Ounoo Elom and Dadja Abace. 9(1): 01-07.

Research Article

Early Prognosis of Resuscitated Newborns in Kara (North Togo)

Segbedji KAR, Takassi OE, Tchagbele OB, Talboussouma SM, Géraldo A, Agbeko F, Djadou KE, Agbèrè AD, Atakouma YD and Azoumah KD. 9(1): 01-07.

Case Report

Surgical Act in a Child with Congenital Afibrinogenemia and History of Post Transfusion Urticaria

Andrianjafiarinoa TRA, Dinafanomezana HR, Randriamampianina T, Danielle MF, Fety A, Rasamoelina A and Rakoto Alson AO. 9(1): 01-02.

Short Communication

A New Concept about the Vaccines

Cristina Tecu. 9(1): 01-02.