Volume 8 Issue 8

Research Article

Fermented Herbal Decoction Adjusted both Proportion of Intestinal Flora and Odor Regulation

Yujiroh Kojima, Yoshihiko Kitada, Keiko Kawasaki, Yoshiichiroh Matsuba and Nobuo Yamaguchi. 8(8): 674-682.

Mini Review

Milk Collection an Alternative in Human Breastfeeding

Evelyn Mercedes Niño. 8(8): 683-687.


The Difficulties of Dental Treatment in ADHD Children

Mohammad Karimi. 8(8): 688-692.

Case Report

Toe-Tourniquet Syndrome; A Previously Unreported Association in Extreme Prematurity

Aarti Verma, Reham Hashem and Ghada Ramadan. 8(8): 693-695.

Thematic Article

Specificity of Menstrual Cycle in Adolescents Girls

Rastislav Sysák, Peter Štencl, Marta Cvejkušová, Pavla Simakovski and Alexandra Krištúfková. 8(8): 698-704.

Case Report

Right-Sided Aortic Arch with Aberrant Origin of the Left Subclavian Artery

Sawssan Ali, AbdelrahmanAlayoubi, Bassam Darwish, Ahmad Mustafa, Mazen Qusaibaty and Hazar Khankan. 8(8): 705-708.

Case Report

Unusual Extension of Subcutaneous Emphysema in a Young Boy with Respiratory Distress

Archan Sil, Sourav Roy Choudhury, Mithun Chandra Konar and Kaustav Nayek. 8(8): 709-711.

Research Article

Is Button Battery More Dangerous than a Bullet?

Khawar Abbas, Khurrum Arif, Muhammad Amjad Chaudhry, Ali Raza and Adnan Khan. 8(8): 722-726.

Research Article

Quantitative Aspect of Constitutive Regulation Intestinal Condition by Fermented Herbal Decoction through Permeability

Takafumi Takei, Yoshiichiroh Matsuba, Yujiroh Kojima and Nobuo Yamaguchi. 8(8): 727-736.

Case Report

Dactylitis as a Manifestation of Sickle Cell Trait

Christineil Thompson, Aziza Sedrak-Ghaly and Vipul Kothari. 8(8): 737-741.

Case Report

Infant with Diverticulo De Zenker Giant Treatment-Surgical

Carlos Alberto Galindo Hernandez. 8(8): 746-752.

Case Report

Familial Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Early Presentation

Mohammad Al Darwish, Iman Al Mukhtar, Khadijah Al Abbas, Israa Al Aithan, Zainab Al Daif and Kawther Khwaher. 8(8): 753-761.