Volume 7 Issue 7


Asthma and Microbiome

Aziz Koleilat. 7(7): 583-584.

Research Article

Enterobius vermicularis Infestation Presenting as Acute Appendicitis in Children

Sivasankar Jayakumar, Shepherd G, Rajimwale A, Fisher R, Ninan GK and Nour S. 7(7): 585-589.

Review Article

Behavioral Problems in Children: How to Manage?

Jorge Sales Marques. 7(7): 590-607.

Case Report

Anaphylaxis with Apple. LTP Syndrome

Carlos Sánchez Salguero. 7(7): 608-611.

Case Report

Infantile Hepatic Hemangioma: Report of a New Case

Lei Keng Sun, Pang Heong Keong, Wong Sio In and Jorge Sales Marques. 7(7): 612-618.

Research Article

Relationship of Serum Vitamin B12 Levels, Mean Platelet Volume And Iron Parameters of Febrile Convulsions in Children

Reyhan Deveci, Gürkan Gürbüz, Sezer Acar and Aycan Unalp. 7(7): 629-637.

Research Article

Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) Secondary to Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF); A Paeditric Case Series

Kankananarachchi I, Pratheep N, Munasinghe TM, Gunasekara S, Rathnayake W, Thewarapperuma C and Kitulwatte N. 7(7): 638-640.

Research Article

The Efficacy of Developmental Care Interventions in Procedural Pain Management in Neonates in NICU

Kapetanaki A, Liaska M, Bitouni P, Kanellopoulos S, Dritsakou K and Tzaki M. 7(7): 660-664.

Case Report

A Boy with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Liver Dysfunction

Jorge Sales Marques, Rachel Chan Tzun, Chu Man Fong and Wong Fon Ian. 7(7): 665-668.

Research Article

Analysis and Identifying Risk Profile for Medication Errors in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Safaa Abd EL Hamid EL Meneza, Asmaa Mohamed Abdelelkawy Habib and Ragaa Abd Elsalam Mohamed. 7(7): 669-684.

Review Article

Contraceptive Device for Conception

Sumiyo Akazawa-Kudoh, Yuki Fujimoto, Mio Sawada and Nobuo Yamaguchi. 7(7): 685-689.

Case Report

Infrequent Foreıgn Posttraumatıc Body in the Chest: A Case Report

Volkan Sarper Erikci, Elif Abay, Tunç Özdemir and Gökhan Köylüoğlu. 7(7): 690-695.

Review Article

Pediatric Prophylaxis Program of Motor System Deformations and Illnesses in Children. Problems of Spine, Hips, Knees and Feet

Tomasz Karski, Jacek Karski, Klaudia Karska, Katarzyna Karska and Honorata Menet. 7(7): 704-714.