Volume 7 Issue 6

Research Article

Adolescent Smoking Behavior in European Countries: Influences of Belief- and School-Related Factors

Md Mamunur Rahman, Yasaman Ghasemi and Yuan Zhou. 7(6): 489-497.

Research Article

Hospital Lactation Services: An Indian Experience

R Kishore Kumar, PC Nayana Prabha and Ruth Patterson. 7(6): 507-511.

Case Report

Pediatric Patient with Hereditary Pyropoikilocytosis in India

PV Saranya, P Jahnavi, G Chandana, N Surendra Reddy and D Ranganayakulu. 7(6): 512-514.

Mini Review

Evaluation of a Child with Purpura

Roganovic Jelena. 7(6): 515-520.

Case Report

Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy: Rare Cause of Respiratory Distress - Case Reports

Nikolić I, Živanović S, Pejčić Lj, Ratković-Janković M and Lazarević D. 7(6): 521-526.

Short Communication

Incidence and Risk Factors of Catheter-Associated Thrombosis in Critically Ill Children

MK Fareh, A Malouch, M Marzouk, O Nasri, M Tounsi and S Ben Khalifa. 7(6): 533-534.

Review Article

Pathophysiology and Management of Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Preterm Infants

Mohammed Ashraf Puthiyachirakkal. 7(6): 537-545.

Research Article

Meckel Diverticle: About 43 Cases at Brabois Children’s Hospital

Traore Yacouba, Berte Nicolas, Ranke-Chretien Aline, Olivier Larmure, Fiogbe Michel and Lemelle Jean-Louis. 7(6): 546-553.

Case Study

Inguinal Lymphadenitis in Adolescent with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Ioannis Drikos, Argyrios Ioannidis and Alexandros Sachinidis. 7(6): 554-557.

Research Article

Children, Change Makers Rural Communities

S Chhabra and Saraf S. 7(6): 567-572.