Volume 7 Issue 4

Research Article

The Changing Bacteriological Profile with their Antibiograms and Outcome of Culture Positive Neonatal Sepsis in a Tertiary Care Centre of Eastern India

Suman Das, Mala Bhattacharya, Suprit Basu, Sreejata Majumdar, Kumar Anshu and Anish Chatterjee. 7(4): 209-221.

Research Article

Prevalence of Childhood and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity in Kano State, Nigeria

Ismail Musa Kakale, Umar Isa Umar, Garba Dayyabu GWARZO and Muutassim Ibrahim. 7(4): 231-238.

Research Article

Pediatric Burn Management by Emergency Medicine Trained Non-Physician Clinicians in Rural Uganda

Megan Pelis, Simone Miller, Benjamin Terry, Mark Bisanzo, Samuel Maling, Payal Modi, Usha Periyanayagam and Brian Rice. 7(4): 239-245.

Review Article

Child Malnutrition in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries: Insights from India

B Sesikeran, Umesh Vaidya and Neelam Mohan. 7(4): 255-272.

Research Article

Tissue Plasminogen Activator as an Early Predictor of Neonatal Idiopathic Respiratory Distress Syndrome Severity

Mohammed Awadallah, Ashraf Abdel Baky, Hanaa Afifi and Sherene El Wakeel. 7(4): 286-293.

Research Article

Iron Deficiency and Psychomotor Development of Infants in Libreville (Gabon): Iron Deficiency does not Explain Everything

Eliane Kuissi Kamgaing, Steeve Minto’o, Julienne Minko, Larissa Midili, Edmée Mintsa, Samuel Mbadinga, Jean Koko and Simon Ategbo. 7(4): 315-322.

Mini Review

Overweight Management in Children and Adolescents

Federico Amianto, Dorati G, Spalatro A, Abbate Daga G and Fassino S. 7(4): 323-330.

Review Article

Epidemiological Aspects of Suicide in Teenagers

Dalila Cuesta Revé. 7(4): 339-347.