Volume 6 Issue 4

Case Report

Congenital Cytomegalovirus Disease after Maternal Non-Primary Infection: Case Report and Review

Lei Sao Kuan, Lui Kin Man and Jorge Sales Marques. 6(4): 85-90.


Similarity Index Between Breast Milk and Infant Formula

Sameer Al-Abdi, Jameel Al-Abdi and Maryam Al-Aamri. 6(4): 91-111.

Research Article

Nutritional Assessment of Children with Congenital Heart Disease – A Comparative Study in Relation to Type, Operative Intervention and Complications

Nevin Mamdouh Habeeb, Marwa Moustapha Al-Fahham, Afaf Abdel Fattah Tawfik and Maha Mawad Abd Ellatif Mohammed. 6(4): 112-120.