Volume 6 Issue 2

Research Article

Child Abuse Experience in Al Ain District, United Arab Emirates

Amnah Al Abdouli, Reem Al Fageer, Amani Al Kaabi and El Sadeg Sharif. 6(2): 35-39.

Short Communication

Coping with Cerebral Palsy

Anas Mustafa Kitana. 6(2): 40-42.

Integrative Review

Review of 117 Microarray Tests During a Period of 18 Months

Jorge Sales Marques, Isabel Afonso, Chin Wai and Koon Kin Veng. 6(2): 43-46.

Letter to Editor

Penicillamine - Preventing or “Curing” Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Neonatal Period?

Lajos Lakatos, István Pataki, György Balla and Zsuzsanna Vekerdy-Nagy. 6(2): 51-52.