Volume 4 Issue 4


Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome: An Overview

Jorge Sales Marques. 4(4): 82-83.

Short Communication

ADHD and Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mladenka Vukojević, Krešimir Tabak, Dina Biscevic and Josip Šimić. 4(4): 84-87.

Research Article

The Ideas of Afghan Physiotherapists about Evidence Based Practice - A Survey Research

Mohammad Shaker Ahmadi, Nishat Quddus, Zubia Veqar, Sohrab Khan and Ross Iles. 4(4): 88-98.

Short Communication

Fatal Infection with Respiratory Syncytial Virus Type B in 2 Years 9 Months Infant

Cristina Tecu, Maria Elena Mihai, Mihaela Lazar and Emilia Lupulescu. 4(4): 104-106.