Volume 3 Issue 1


Giardiasis: A Neglected Disease

Suraj Gupte and Novy Gupte. 3(1): 279-280.

Research Article

Neurological Outcome of Symptomatic Neonatal Hypoglycaemia in Term Infantsb without Other Risk Factors for Global Brain Injury

Roisin Begley, Bushra Rafique, O Davies, Khalid Hussain and Mas Ahmed. 3(1): 289-299.

Case Report

Clinical Manifestations of Anderson-Fabry’s Disease in Pediatrics

Sandra Matiz Mejía and Carlos Acosta Ordoñez. 3(1): 306-314.


Management of Recurrent Clostridium Difficile Colitis in Children - Intestinal Microbial Colonization (Fecal Microbiota Transplantation)

Gh Jugulete, Endis Osman, Mihai Alexandru, Monica Luminos and Madălina Merișescu. 3(1): 315-321.