Volume 2 Issue 6

Case Report

A Diagnosis to Keep in Mind: Primary Omental Torsion in Children

Charieg A, Ben Ahmed Y, Nouira F, Channoufi F, Jouini R and Jlidi S. 2(6): 245-249.

Research Article

Increased Risk of Hydrocephalus in Adults with Isomerism

Karan Nijhawan and Rohit S. Loomba. 2(6): 250-258.

Review Article

Telomeres and Immunodeficiencies

Salavoura Katerina and Kostaridou Stavroula. 2(6): 259-267.

Case Report

Tuberculosis in Children Perinatally Exposed to HIV in the Context of Current Epidemiological

Delia Adelina Vlad, Mariana Mărdărescu, Sorin Petrea, Cristina Petre, Ana Maria Tudor, Ruxandra Neagu Drăghicenoiu, Rodica Ungurianu and Alina Cibea. 2(6): 272-274.