Volume 11 Issue 2

Research Article

Waiting for a Transplant: The Perception of Adolescents with Chronic Kidney Disease

Ana Tereza da Silva Mendes, Zeni Carvalho Lamy, Marina Uchoa Lopes Pereira, Ruth Helena de Souza Brito Ferreira de Carvalho and Gabriela Cirqueira de Souza Barros

Research Article

The Effectiveness of Imitative and HMTM Methods on Pragmatic Skills in Autistic Childrens

Masoud Moghaddamnia, Maryam Hojjati and Maryam Khalilkhaneh

Research Article

“Comparison of Heart Rate between Preterm and Term Infants”

Mohmmad Azam Khan and Shahana Parveen

Research Article

Enteral Nutrition: Challenges of Prematurity in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Alejandra Itzel Contreras Rivas, Gaston Eduardo Estudiillo Jiménez, Patricio Guerra Ulloa, Ignacio Arteaga Rosas, Yeranea Emiree Enriquez López and Arabella Guadalupe Sánchez Garcia.

Research Article

Mortality and Morbidity Outcomes in Infants Born Less than 28 Weeks Related to Surfactant Doses

Saima Asghar, Ahmad Abdullah and Khalil Ur Rehman.

Review Article

Reduce Vaccination Pain: is it Possible?

Federica De Seta.

Review Article

Advanced Life Support in Children. Best Practices 2021. Respect but Critical Reflection

Novák I, Pešl T, Prchlík M, Fajt M, Heinige P and Dedek V

Case Report

Childhood Giant Omental Lipoma - Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

Budușan Anca, Cocian Alexandru and Gocan Horațiu