Volume 11 Issue 12

Guest Editorial

Human Monkeypox: Global Health Emergency Warranting Aggressive Onslaught

Suraj Gupte, Novy Gupte, Sapna Pradhan and Sushmita Patil. 11(12): 01-02.

Research Article

Chest Radiography and Clinical Outcome of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in Single Institution Experience

Napasorn Phutong, Piyawan Chiengkriwate ,Surasak Sangkhathat and Kaimook Boonsanit. 11(12): 03-13.

Research Article

Reversal of Enterostomies in Children

Jayakumar S, Nellihella L and Kufeji D. 11(12): 47-54.

Case Report

Multiple Pilomatricomas: A Case Report

Napasorn Phutong, Rachati Thongprayoon, Kongsak Loharamtaweethong and Nopadon Noppakun. 11(12): 18-21.

Case Report

Canal of Nuck Hernia Presenting as a Labial Mass: Case Report

Napasorn Phutong. 11(12): 22-24.

Case Report

Hereditary Folate Malabsorption with a Novel Mutation on SLC46A1

Irum Latif Memon and Fahad AlManjomi. 11(12): 25-29.

Case Report

Weight Loss, Lymphadenopathy and Hepatosplenomegaly are Not Always Lymphoma. Sarcoidosis Mimicking Lymphoproliferative Disease: A Case Review

Hebatalla Rashed, Irum Latif Memon, Shashank Bhojraj, Ovgu Kul Cinar, Ilaria Testi, Elena Moraitis, Paul Humphries and Sara Ghorashian. 11(12): 30-37.

Case Report

Complicated Community Acquired Pneumonia and Air Leak Syndrome, Case Report

Mona AlMarshood, Iman AlMukhtar, Mahammad AlOwa, Hani Hilal, Fadel Albasarah, Hussam AlSaffar, Maryam AlBasri, Kauther AlSadeq and Saleh AlHashim. 11(12): 69-78.

Review Article

An Overview of Developmental Delay Screening in Saudi Arabia for General Pediatrician

Abdulrahim Abdullahi and Ayman Elhomoudi. 11(12): 55-63.

Review Article

The Role of Telehealth in Paediatric and Paediatric Endocrine Health Care during the COVID-19 Era

Xenophon Sinopidis and Eirini Kostopoulou. 11(12):64-68.


Infantile Torticollis: A Practical Guide

John E. Handelsman. 11(12): 41-42.


Closing the Gap in Pediatric Drug Development

Michael L Christensen. 11(12): 43-44.

Mini Case Study

Isolated Scrotal Hair in Infancy: A Benign Phenomenon?

Joana Pinho, Beatriz Vieira, Inês Mazeda and Gracinda Oliveira. 11(12): 45-46.