Volume 11 Issue 11

Guest Editorial

Limiting Sugary Foods is Essential in Preschool

Karimi M. 11(11): 01-02.

Research Article

Management of Disorders of Sexual Development’ in Pakistan: Issues and Way Forward

Tayyaba Batool, Iffat Ahmed, Naima Zamir, Nabila Talat, Mohsina Ibrahim, Haleema Yasmin, Fawad Suleman and Sana Yasir. 11(11): 03-09.

Mini Review

Persistence of the Left Superior Vena Cava with Absence of the Right Superior Vena Cava: Fetal diagnosis and postnatal evolution

Antonio Sánchez Andrés, Reguillo LaCruz A, Gil Beltrán E and Carrasco Moreno JI. 11(11): 10-15.

Case Report

The Return of an Old Syndrome: Mauriac Syndrome

Soumia MRHAR, R Elqadiry, H Nassih, A Bourrahouat and I Ait Sab. 11(11): 16-19.

Case Series

Significance of Short Femur Length in Pregnancy Case Series

Kariman Ghazal, Zaynab Kalach, Kawsar Diab and Jihad Al Hasan. 11(11): 20-30.

Research Article

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Pain Relief in Children during Dental Appointments

Anisimova EN, NN Anisimova and Kravchenko IA. 11(11): 31-35.

Review Article

Harlequin Syndrome Report of a Case: Prenatal Diagnosis and Neonatal Approach

Gaston Eduardo Estudiillo Jiménez, María Verónica López Parra, Alejandra Itzel Contreras Rivas, Olga Miryam Castillo Ramirez, Mireya Ovando Tapia, Indra Elizalde Torres, Gabriela Padilla Mendoza and Francisco Hernández Fragoso. 11(11): 36-46.

Case Study

A Novel Procedure for Type B Pre and Post Axial Polydactyly Removal Using Digi-Clamp®

Juan Carlos Roig, Elaine Major and Sydney M Roig. 11(11): 47-55.

Review Article

Systematization: Course Strengthening Teacher Development in University Extension 2020

Graciela Umpiérrez and Anaclara Romero. 11(11): 56-68.

Mini Review

Caustic Ingestion in Children: A Review Article

Volkan Sarper Erikci. 11(11): 69-74.