Volume 11 Issue 10

Guest Editorial

Children with Celiac Disease are Confronting Dental Maturity

Mohammad Karimi. 11(10): 01-02.

Case Report

Uncommon COVID-19 presentation in early infancy-A case report

Mennatallah Farouk. 11(10): 03-05.

Case Report

Tongue Tie: A Case with Complete Ankyloglossia

Ehsan Arjmandzadeh and Jaleh Yousefi. 11(10): 06-10.

Case Report

Pneumococcal Meningitis Complicated with Vasculitis and Severe Carotid Stenosis

Marta Barros, Beatriz Teixeira, Ana Sofia Figueiredo, Ana Rita Batista, Teresa Temudo and Andreia Dias. 11(10): 11-14.

Review Article

Oral Adjuvant System-for Immune Augmentation by Oral Route for Preventing the Virus Pandemic

Daisuke Sakamoto, Marie Izumi, Yuma Katoh, Yoshichiroh Matsuba and Nobuo Yamaguchi. 11(10): 15-22.

Case Report

Pica with an Unusual Form of Presentation: Case Report

Nesreen Elshreef and Ahsan Ul-Haq. 11(10): 23-26.


Cancer is Preventable

Faran Khan and Anam Tariq. 11(10): 27.

Case Report

Imaging of Hypertrophic Pylorus Stenosis. About a Case

Eros Barata Fernández, José Antonio Santana Santana and Janny Bofill Valenzuela. 11(10): 28-33.

Case Report

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in a Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome: A Case Report

Irina Batista Rosa, Carolina Gouveia, Paulo Sousa, Maria João Borges and Francisco Silva. 11(10): 41-44.

Review Article

Recent Advances in Esophageal Replacement

Manu Arora. 11(10): 50-54.

Research Article

Psychological Treatment Applied to Children with Encopresis

Osana Borges Torres. 11(10): 55-61.

Mini Review

Salmonellosis an Overlooked Cause of Late Onset Sepsis in New Borns

Saima Asghar, Dinesh Ari, Ashraf Abouabayda, Dr Omar El Nakeib, Dr. faisal Al zidgali and Dr. Taiseer Atrak. 11(10): 62-64.