Volume 11 Issue 1

Guest Editorial

A Food That Taste of Music and Caresses

Rubrica a Cura di Italo Spada

Research Article

Bilateral Digital Clubbing in a 10 years Old Boy

Jorge Sales Marques

Research Article

Laparoscopic Management of Duodenal Obstruction in Neonates

Ali Raza Brohi, Naseem Mengal and Zubair Ahmed.

Case Report

Cardiac Fetal Changes Associated with Maternal Infection by SARS-CoV-2: Case Report

Haroldo Teófilo De Carvalho, Maria Paz Lozano Chiquillo, Stella Naomi Tanaka, Ana Cândida Arruda Verzola de Castro, Lana Kummer and Meliza Goi Roscani.

Case Report

Necrotizing Pneumonia in an Infant, Case Report

Nehad AlFaraj, Iman AlMukhtar, Saeed Shaner, Mahammad AlOwa, Salma AlSaeed, Eman AlNamer and Zahra jabber.