Volume 10 Issue 8

Research Article

Mother Narratives about Continuing Breastfeeding Weaning

Nayara Mendes Cruz, Ana Cristina Santos Duarte, Marizete Argolo Teixeira, Alba Benemérita Alves Vilela, Mariza Silva Almeida and Rosane Gonçalves Nitschke. 10(8): 02-12.

Research Article

The Effects of Variable, Intermitting and Property Therapy for the Treatment of Negative Pressure Wounds

D Dachev, M Slavkovich, A Slavkovich, P Stefanova and R Raycheva. 10(8): 13-18.

Research Article

Quality of Life of Caregivers of Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome

Bárbara Cristina Jorba Arantes, Ravena Maria Ribeiro Moura and Kátia Rodrigues Menezes. 10(8): 47-54.

Research Article

Multimodal Anesthesia and Analgesia at the Stages of the Perioperative Period in Children with Abdominal Surgical Pathology

Elmira A Satvaldieva, Otabek Ya Fayziev, Anvar S Yusupov, Shakarova MU and Mamatkulov IB. 10(8): 60-63.

Research Article/p>

Cardiac Evaluation, Holter Monitoring and Evaluation of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Thalassemia Major

Ozge Yilmaz, Meki Bilici, Alper Akin, Murat Soker, Veysiye Hulya Uzel, Servet Yel and Murat Muhtar Yilmazer. 10(8): 64-72.

Research Article

The Importance of Lymphocyte Monocyte Ratio in SARS-CoV-2 Carriers

Andjelka Stojkovic, Katerina Dajic, Andrijana Kostic, Nevena Folic, Marija Radovanovic and Rasa Medovic. 10(8): 30-35.

Review Article

Analysis of Invasive Meningococcal Diseases in the Moravian-Silesian Region in 2008 - 2017

Blazena Braunsteivova and Kamila Frankova. 10(8): 36-42.

Mini Review

The Choice of the Vaccine again COVID-19: An Overview

Jorge Sales Marques. 10(8): 79-81.

Case Report

Keratosis Pilaris Associated with Wheat Protein Allergy in an Adolescent: A Case Report

Rajvi A Trambadia and Parin N Parmar. 10(8): 43-46.

Case Series

Toddlers with a Rare Cause of Failure to Thrive

Nitika Gautam, Purnima Prabhu and Suhas V Prabhu. 10(8): 82-88.