Volume 10 Issue 5


AstraZeneca Vaccine: Is it Safe or Not?

Jorge Sales Marques. 10(5): 12.

Research Article

Knowledge and Attitude of Doctors Working in Pediatric Department towards Covid-19: A Multicenter Survey from Lahore, Pakistan

Riffat Omer, Humayun Iqbal Khan, Muhammed Khalid Masood, Najaf Masood, Fatima Tahira and Noor Humayun. 10(5): 01-08.

Research Article

Increased IL-17 and IL-21 Receptor Levels in Children with Autism

AJ Russo, Albert Mensah and Judith Bowman. 10(5): 43-47.

Review Article

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Associated with Covid-19- A Comprehensive Literature Review

Mohammed Shahab Uddin, Mohammed Al Qahtani, Saleh Al Fulayyih and Sarah Al Baridi. 10(5): 13-21.

Conceptual Paper

Covid 19 Vaccine Rollout: Don’t Leave the Children Behind

Francis Akor. 10(5): 09-11.

Short Communication

Lessons Learnt from Online Teaching of Clinical Skills

Ila Chauhan and Jeevan Divakaran. 10(5): 22-25.

Letter to Editor

Human Papillomavirus Infection in Newborns: How to Diagnose?

Lidija Banjac. 10(5): 29-32.


Vaccine Hesitancy Threatens Important Gains in the War against COVID-19

Oliver Ombeva Malande and Victor. E. Adamu. 10(5): 66-68.

Research Article

Consciousness Intelligence in Peruvian Adults at Pandemic Times by COVID-19

Bladimir Becerra Canals and Domizbeth Becerra Huaman. 10(5): 71-81.

Review Article

The Birth of a Child with Down Syndrome: The Impact of the First News

Sergio E Manosalva Mena. 10(5): 97-111.

Review Article

Local Anesthetics in Pediatric Dentistry

Karimi M. 10(5): 112-120.