Volume 10 Issue 3

Mini Review

NEST: The Innovative Response to Child and Family Needs

Debora Sanguinato and Elisa Serangeli. 10(3): 106-108.

Research Article

Erythrocyte Auto-Antibodies against Complement Regulatory Proteins of the Erythrocyte Membrane

Gilberto Soler Noda, Antonio Bencomo Hernandez, Yisenia Romero Diaz and Suharmi Aquino Rojas. 10(3): 11-18.

Research Article

Study of School Mandated Screen Time in Children during COVID Lock Down Period

Deepak Kumar Gandhi, Sachin Lohra and Anu Bansal. 10(3): 19-27.

Research Article

Topiramate for Peri-Operative Neuroprotection in Infant Heart Surgery

Kristin R Hoffman, Gary W Raff and Mark A Underwood. 10(3): 28-34.

Case Report

Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of a Newborn

Najwa Imad, Nadia El Idrissi Slitine, Fatiha Bennaoui and Fadl Mrabih Rabou Maoulainine. 10(3): 53-57.

Case Report

Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome-An Uncommon Presentation in Two Consecutive Siblings in UCH Ibadan

Ashubu OF, Akinrinoye OO and Jarrett OO. 10(3): 61-64.

Case Report

Congenital Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Presenting with a Hemorrhagic Papulovesicular Eruption: A Case Report

Hanan Fawzy Nazir, Roshan Mevada, Ibrahim Al-Hadabi and Buthaina Al-Musalhi. 10(3): 71-77.

Research Article

How Blood Cell Incompatibility Can Affect a Morning Sickness

Daisuke Sakamoto, Yasuhiro Nagayoshi, Yuma Kato, Nobuo Yamaguchi and Shigeru Sakamoto. 10(3): 111-117.