Volume 10 Issue 10

Research Article

Development and Validation of a Satisfaction Questionnaire for Pediatric Digestive Endoscopy to Improve Quality of Care

Jennifer Ran Ao, Mélissandre Ostiguy, Wafaa Jammow, Dieudonné Soubeiga, Anne-Sophie Groleau, Kelly Grzywacz, Martha Dirks, Éric Drouin and Prévost Jantchou. 10(10): 55-70.

Research Article

Prevalence of UTI at a Tertiary Care Facility in Abu Dhabi

Abrar Alzaabi and Zohra Ashraf Siwji. 10(10): 36-45.

Research Article

Evolutionary Aspects of Newborns Under 1500g Treated with Fluoroquinolones in Libreville, Gabon

Kuissi Kamgaing Eliane, S Minto’o Rogombe, R Koumba Maniaga, A Lembet Mikolo, E Mintsa Mi Kama, I Busugu Bu Mbadinga and S Ategbo. 10(10): 55-62.

Research Article

Impact of Early Nutrition on Postnatal Growth and Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Very Low Birth Weight Infants in a Tertiary Care NICU in India

Ashwin S Pradhu, Jayasree Chandramati and Sasidharan Ponthenkandath. 10(10): 63-69.

Research Article

Is Clinical Blood Pressure Measurement Sufficient for Evaluating Blood Pressure in Children Doing Sports?

Nurdan Erol, İlke Aktas and Cigdem Erol. 10(10): 95-100.

Research Article/p>

Trends in Nursing Practices Versus Drug Administration

Magda Carolina Cruz and Blanca Elpidia Tovar Riveros. 10(10): 01-12.

Research Article

Characterization of Children Under 15 Years Old with Intestinal Parasitism

Carlos Coronel Carvajal. 10(10): 84-94

Research Article

Psychological and Social Factors Affecting the Behaviour of Middle School and High School Children during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Swastika Banerjee, Shreya Paliwal, Anjan Bhattacharya and Suvosree Bhattacharya. 10(10): 112-119.

Research Article

Prevalence of Diarrhoea and Acute Respiratory Infection among Under Five Children: A Spatial-Temporal Changes of Maharashtra Districts

Koustav Ghosh, Atreyee Sinha Chakraborty, Mithun Mog and Sofia Zakir. 10(10): 130-138.

Mini Review

Life-Threatening Infectious Diseases in Primary Pediatric Care

Novák I, Pešl T, Prchlík M, Fajt M and Heinige P. 10(10): 51-54.

Case Report

PNPO Deficiency Following a Novel Mutation, Intriguingly Turned Out to be Pyridoxine Responsive Neonatal Epilepsy: A Case Report

Chandima Roshani Gunaratne and Deva Thusitha Sameera Kumarasiri. 10(10): 76-79.

Case Report

Non-Obstructive Acute Gastric Dilatation Secondary to Neonatal Septicaemia; A Diagnostic Quandary

Weerasinghe WMCL, Wanasinghe WAK, Kumarasiri IM, Yapa ST and Medha Weerasekera. 10(10): 80-83.

Case Report

Gastric Adenocarcinoma in Childhood. Case Report and Literature Review

Robin Hernando Bustamante Múnera and W Romero. 10(10): 120-125.

Short Communication

Support for the Development of the Child and Parenting in Times of Pandemics

Angela Maria Setaro and Domenico Maddaloni. 10(10): 46-50.


Antibiotic Prudency: Time to Promote the Strategy

Suraj Gupte, Novy Gupte and Sushmita K Patil. 10(10): 72-73.