EC Paediatrics

Research Article Volume 12 Issue 6 - 2023

The Influence of a Nurse's Physical Appearance on the Patient's Perception of Nurse Competence

Tracey Long*

Family Nurse Practitioner and Faculty of Nursing, Roseman University, USA

*Corresponding Author: Tracey Long, Family Nurse Practitioner and Faculty of Nursing, Roseman University, USA.
Received: March 23, 2023; Published: May 20, 2023

The image of the professional nurse has changed throughout history. Nurses have been voted the most trusted profession for decades. Many nurses, as almost 50% of the American general population, have become overweight or obese, which means they no longer completely represent the traditional heathy role model.

Many nurses who are overweight or obese admit they feel hypocritical teaching patients to lose weight [1]. The study question for this research seeks to know if the nurse’s physical appearance influences a patient’s perception about the nurse’s ability to be a role model of health. Findings demonstrated a generational and cultural difference in how a patient’s perception of the nurse’s physical appearance influenced the perceived competence of the nurse.

Keywords: Image of Nursing; Patient Perception; Perceived Competence; Nurse’s Physical Appearance; Obesity in Nursing; Nurses who Smoke; Nurses with Tattoos

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Tracey Long. The Influence of a Nurse's Physical Appearance on the Patient's Perception of Nurse Competence. EC Paediatrics 12.6 (2023): 20-27.