EC Paediatrics

Guest Editorial Volume 12 Issue 7 - 2023

Teenagers: Flowers to Water

Rubrica a Cura di Italo Spada*

Comitato per la Cinematografia dei Ragazzi, Roma, Italy

*Corresponding Author: Rubrica a Cura di Italo Spada, Comitato per la Cinematografia dei Ragazzi, Roma, Italy.
Received: June 14, 2023; Published: June 30, 2023

Let's extrapolate a sequence. Thirteen-year-old Leo went to visit the mother of his friend Rèmi who works in the maternity ward of a hospital. The woman does not understand the reason for that visit, but offers to take him home. The two are now silent in the car; Then Me breaks the silence and says, "It's my fault”. The woman stops the car and utters one word: "Get out!"

We know what happened, but not what will happen. If, by pure chance, the screening of this second film by Belgian director Lukas Dhont (nominated for an Oscar and awarded at Cannes and the National Board) were to stop here, we could not help but leave the room dragging bitterness and condemnation behind us. It is impossible, in fact, to remain insensitive when tragedy suddenly strikes a family and the joy of two teenagers turns into pain because of...

Rubrica a Cura di Italo Spada. Teenagers: Flowers to Water. EC Paediatrics 12.7 (2023): 29-30.