Volume 9 Issue 7


Osteoporosis in Old Women, Therapeutic Selection

Da-Yong Lu, Jin-Yu Che and Ying Shen. 9(7): 386.

Research Article

Prophylactic Fasciotomies for Preventing Nerve Injury in Gradual Distal Tibial Deformity Correction

Edgardo Rodriguez-Collazo, Lee Russell Stein and Ramin Ghazizadeh. 9(7): 389-399.

Research Article

Reliability of the Assessment of Fibular Torsion Relative to Tibia at Syndesmosis using CT Scans

Guangming Zhang, Kai Jiang, Shenglong Ding, Zenghui Cheng, Jinliang Huang and Zhiyong Ruan. 9(7): 400-407.

Review Article

Niqras (Gout) from Antiquity to Present Scenario and Contribution of Greco-Arab Physician

Hilal Akhtar, Mohammad Rashid, Qazi Zaid Ahmad and Danish Ali. 9(7): 408-415.

Research Article

Classification Enguer: For Adolescent Idiopathic Escoliosis

Enguer Beraldo Garcia, Liliane Faria Garcia, Enguer Beraldo Garcia Jr, Marcos Felipe Camarinha, Roberto Garcia Gonçalves, Juliana Garcia Camarinha, Eduardo Beraldo Garcia, Saulo Terror Giesbrecht, Augusto Caixeta D’Alcantara and Victor de Oliveira Mattos. 9(7): 423-433.

Review Article

Resistance Training (RT): A Meta-Analysis of the Existing EBM

Dennis Shavelson. 9(7): 434-457.

Research Article

Biomechanical Study using Finite Element Method of Element ‘Breakdown’ Technique on Cutout Mechanism after Gamma Nailing

Mitsuaki Noda, Yukiko Nakamura, Kazuhiko Adachi and Masayasu Takahashi. 9(7): 458-466.

Research Article

Selenium Content in Lesions of Bone as Osteosarcoma Marker

Vladimir Zaichick and Sofia Zaichick. 9(7): 467-476.

Research Article

Effects of Lower-Limb Dominance on Isokinetic and Functional Profiles in Healthy Young Active Men – A Pilot Study

Daniel Ferreira Moreira Lobato, Nakanishi V, Shibuya C and Serrão FV. 9(7): 477-486.

Case Report

Bone Lymphoma in a Developing Community

Wilson IB Onuigbo. 9(7): 494-496.


Diagnosis of Osteoporosis: Bone Mineral Density, Risk Factors, or Both?

Dalisbor Marcelo Weber Silva. 9(7): 500-502.

Case Report

Posterior Shoulder Dislocation due to an Unusual Injury Mechanism

Haroon Rehman, Tim Gardner and Kash Khan. 9(7): 503-506.

Short Communication

Therapeutic Writing

Sonia Scarpante. 9(7): 511-519.