Volume 9 Issue 5

Research Article

Peculiarities of the Fractures of the Orbiting Surfaces with the Children

Randriamanantena Tahiriarivelo, Rasamoelina Ndrantoniaina, Daroles Kevin, Rasolondraibe Andry François, Andriamanantena Rantoniaina Henri, Razafindrabe John Alberto Bam and Toure Gaoussou. 9(5): 262-269.

Review Article

ACL Anatomy and it’s Injuries

Pia Accetto. 9(5): 270-272.

Case Report

Scapholunate Advanced Collapse with Capitate loss: Use of autologous bone graft during Capitate arthroplasty

Blanchard Nguefack Noumedem, Jean Noël Goubier and Frederic Teboul. 9(5): 273-274.

Research Article

Morphological Investigation of the Minor Posterior Malleolar Fragment of the Ankle

Guangming Zhang, Rongsheng Hu, Shenglong Ding, Fugen Pan and Zhiyong Ruan. 9(5): 293-299.

Research Article

Osseointegration of Titanium Dental Implants Modified by Thermal Treatment: Preliminary Data in a Rabbit Model

Antonio Scarano, Ezio Crocetta, Felice Lorusso and Alessandro Quaranta. 9(5): 300-304.

Case Report

Isolated Zone III Vertical Sacral Fracture: A Case Report of an Alternative Surgical Technique for the Control of Post-Traumatic Pain

Daniele Vanni, Andrea Pantalone, Vincenzo Salini, Aldo Carnevale and Cristian D’Ovidio. 9(5): 305-310.

Research Article

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Angle of Enguer

Enguer Beraldo Garcia, Liliane Faria Garcia, Enguer Beraldo Garcia Jr, Marcos Felipe Camarinha, Roberto Garcia Gonçalves, Juliana Garcia Camarinha, Eduardo Beraldo Garcia, Saulo Terror Giesbrecht, Augusto Caixeta D’Alcantara and Victor de Oliveira Mattos. 9(5): 311-317.