Volume 9 Issue 2


Road Traffic Accidents– Burden on Society

Romil Rathi. 9(2): 30-33.

Research Article

Effects of Slope on Backward Locomotion

Song D VO, Julia Freedman Silvernail, Richard Tandy, Szu-Ping Lee and Janet S Dufek. 9(2): 34-41.

Case Report

Septic Arthritis due to Propionibacterium acnes in a Native Knee Joint

Dalton McDaniel, Gordon Preston and Steven Jackson. 9(2): 64-66.

Case Report

Dupuytren’s Disease: First Cases in Central Africa. Can Low Life Expectancy Explain the Disease Low Prevalence in African Black Patients?

Blanchard Nguefack Noumedem, Frederic Teboul, Antonio Dinh and Thierry Dubert. 9(2): 71-74.