Volume 8 Issue 4


An Open Reduction or Conservative Treatment for Congenital Radial Head Dislocation in Children

Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Do Ngoc Hien and Phung Cong Sang. 8(4): 125-140.

Investigational Paper

Quantitative Method of Studying Pedal Melanoma in a Developing Community

Wilson IB Onuigbo. 8(4): 141-142.

Research Article

The Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Signs Normalization

Federico Alfano. 8(4): 143-148.

Mini Review

Anterior-Only and 360º Approaches for Thoracic and Lumbar Fractures

Gonçalo Januário, António Robalo Correia, José Rodrigues, Naod Berhanu, João Estrela Martins and António Noronha de Andrade. 8(4): 149-155.

Case Report

Immature Heterotopic Ossification Mimicking Metastatic Progression of the Bone Diagnosed by F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) PET/CT

Zehra Pınar Koç, Pelin Özcan Kara, Kadir Eser and Vehbi Erçolak. 8(4): 160-162.