Volume 4 Issue 6

Research Article

Effect of Subchondral Bone Needling on Suture Anchor Pull Out Strength: A Cadaveric Study

Brad Aspey, Chad Poage, Roger Ostrander and Charles A. Roth. 4(6): 641-652.

Clinical Study

Percutaneous Radiofrequency Denervation in the Treatment of Hip Pain Secondary to Osteoarthritis

Vicente Vanaclocha-Vanaclocha, Nieves Sáiz-Sapena, Juan Manuel Herrera, Marlon Rivera-Paz, Francisco Verdú-López, Pablo Renovell-Ferrer and Leyre Vanaclocha. 4(6): 657-680.

Case Report

Carpometacarpal Joint Concurrent Dislocation of Four Long Finger: Results of A Non-Operative Management

Lorenzo Maria Di Giacomo, Muhammad Shahid Khan, Ilaria Illuminati, Riccardo Chiavetti, Pellegrino Marco, Paola Comminiello and Auro Caraffa. 4(6): 688-693.