Volume 13 Issue 10


Is Chlorine Ion a Parameter for Osteoporosis Assessment Tool?

Santosh Kumar Bashyal and Bipina Pandey. 13(10): 33-34.

Literature Review

A Total Hip Arthroplasty Approaches: Advantages and Disadvantages for the Most Used Techniques in Surgical Cases

Omar Alsultan, Zead Alsultan, Faisal Alnutaifi, Omar Al-hayek and Saad Alqahtani. 13(10): 18-21.

Case Report

Lesions of Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex of the Carpe (TFCC): About Two Case Reports

Abderrahim Zaizi, Zamani Ouijdane, Hajar Andour, Adil Tamdi, Soufiane El Hassak, Abdelhay Rabbah, Abderrafia Rachdi, Oussama Achahbar, Jalal Boukhris, Bouchaib Chafry, Driss Benchebba and Mostapha Boussouga. 13(10): 22-28.

Case Study

Musings on the Tall Poppy Syndrome in Medicine

Douglas E Garland. 13(10): 29-32.