Volume 12 Issue 8

Guest Editorial

The Effect of Exercise on Mineral Bone Density on Postmenopausal Women

Dionysios Prevezanos, Haris Papadaki and Konstantinos N Mastrantonakis. 12(8): 01-02.

Research Article

Socialization Profile of Adolescents with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Ma del Sol Fortea, Ma Olga Escandell and Jose Juan Castro Sanchez. 12(8): 03-06.

Research Article

Functional Outcomes After Lumbar Fusion for Degenerative Spine Using Oswestry Disability Index. A Retrospective Observational Study

Saddam Mazar, Shahzaib Riaz Baloch, Shahbaz Khan, Imtiaz A Hashmi and Mohammad Sohail Rafi. 12(8): 07-13.

Research Article

Skull Bone Tumors: A Seven Year Retrospective Study in Tertiary Care Centre

Supriya Prasad, Jayasree K, Sindhu Nair P, Sreejith Nair, Priyakumari T and Venugopal M. 12(8): 25-33.

Research Article

Biostatistical Analysis of the Risks of Spatial Spread during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bin Zhao, Xia Jiang and Jinming Cao. 12(8): 34-40.

Research Article

Evaluation of Factors that may Influence a Medical Student’s Decision to Pursue a Career in Orthopaedic Surgery

Lucy E Meyer, Symone M Brown, Kevin Black, Ann VanHeest, Lisa Cannada, Keith Kenter and Mary K Mulcahey. 12(8): 45-56.

Research Article

Transposition of Hand Segments in Children with Traumatic Loss of First Radius

NM Aleksandrov, SV Petrov and ID Veshaev. 12(8): 57-66.

Research Article

Study of the Chemical Composition of Argan Oil According to the form of the Fruit

Miloudi Hilali, Hanae El Monfalouti, Larbi El Hammari, Nadia Maata and Badr Eddine Kartah. 12(8): 67-75.

Research Article

Activity Profile Analysis of Footvolley Athletes: Association with Injuries

Beatriz Minghelli, Sara Paulino, Sara Guerreiro, Adriana Caetanoand João Guerreiro. 12(8): 106-113.

Review Article

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Action Protocol for Hip Arthroplasty

Tahuser Martínez Lara, Pavel Yosvany Suárez Guevara, Neysa Margarita Pérez Rodríguez and Zakkan Martínez Lara. 12(8): 76-89.

Mini Review

A Basic Exercise Strategy for Low Back Pain - Mini Review

Koichi Sairyo, Junzo Fujitani and Takuya Kasamasu. 12(8): 90-93.

Case Series

Ulnar Nerve Injuries - A Tricky Bifurcation

Terlezky S, Amster Kahn Hagay, Gannot Gil, Schnapp Luis and Amir Oron. 12(8): 102-105.