Volume 12 Issue 12

Research Article

Opioid Prescription Trends After Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, 2009 - 2014

Joaquin Moya-Angeler, Carlos de la Torre, Djibril Ba, Guodong Liu, William Gallagher, Wayne J Sebastianelli and Dov A Bader. 12(12): 14-21.

Research Article

Anthropometry and Morphology of the Upper Limbs in Female Athletes in Team Sports

Konstantin Anatolyevich Bugaevsky. 12(12): 01-04.

Review Article

Rehabilitation Treatment Protocol in Spinal Conditions

Zakkan Martinez Lara, Pavel Yosvany Suarez Guevara and Tahuser Martinez Lara. 12(12): 46-56.

Review Article

Psychomotor Skills in Children from 3 to 4 Years Old, Guidelines for their Development in Cuba

Katiuska Bell Martínez, Alina Bestard Revilla and Graciela Ramos Romero. 12(12): 103-117.

Mini Review

Why would a Rheumatologist want to Wield an Arthroscope?

EV Polevoy, NV Zagorodniy, SV Kagramanov, GA Chragyan and OA Aleksanyan. 12(11): 44-51.

Case Report

Surgical Correction of Chest Deformity in Currarino - Silverman Syndrome (Clinical Case)

Korolev Pavel Alekseevich and OV Kozhevnikov. 12(12): 63-67.

Case Report

Body Composition Evaluation in Gender Dysphoria from the Sports Medicine Point of View

Jorge Mejia, Jose-Gabriel Leon and Orlando Angulo. 12(12): 68-72.

Case Report

Usual and Original Treatment of Cup Instability in Hip Revision Surgery

Capozzi M, Palermo A and Molfetta L. 12(12): 73-77.

Case Report

Complete Dorsal Lunate Enucleation

Mohammed Reda Fekhaoui, Anas Antar, Jalal Mekkaoui, Reda-Allah Bassir, Monsef Boufettal, Mohamed Kharmaz, Moulay Omar Lamrani and Mohammed Saleh Berrada. 12(12): 78-81.

Case Report

Atypical Presentation of Osteoid Osteoma in a Toddler in the MR, SPECT/CT and F-18 FDG PET/CT: Case Report

Zehra Pinar Koc, Pinar Pelin Ozcan, Elvan Caglar Citak, Begumhan Demir Gundogan and Baris Ten. 12(12): 82-85.

Literature Review

Rehabilitation Treatment Protocol in Scoliosis

Tahuser Martinez Lara, Cristina Carbonell Lopez, Pavel Yosvany Suarez Guevara, Marisel Ibarbia Carreras and Ernesto W Planas Montalvo. 12(12): 86-97.


The Prevalence of Non-Radiographic Axial Spondylarthritis among Patients with Inflammatory Back Pain from Northwest and South Africa

Khalid Shirazy, Najia Hajjaj-Hassouni, Constance Hammond, Heather Jones, Ron Pedersen, Bonnie Vlahos and Aicha Ladjouze Rezig. 12(12): 98-99.

Short Communication

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in Sports-A Short Communication

Iftikhar Ali Khan, Ajita Singh and Sunil G Purohit. 12(12): 100-102.