Volume 12 Issue 1

Research Article

The Effects of Massage, Iastm and Foam-Rolling on Skin Thermal Adaptations of Muscles of Different Perimeter and Subcutaneous Fat in Young Basketball Players

Venetia Charalampopoulou, Konstantinos Mylonas, Pavlos Angelopoulos, Elias Tsepis and Konstantinos Fousekis. 12(1): 05-11.

Case Report

An Unusual Presentation of Ganglion Cyst

Jeff Walter Rajadurai, S Mohan, Pooja M and Nuseba Shehla Jeelani K. 12(1): 12-14.

Short Communication

Acupuncture for Bone Disease Treatments

Jin-Yu Che and Da-Yong Lu. 12(1): 15-16.

Research Article

Role of Demographics, Medical and Psychosocial Factors in a Successful Return to Work Following a Compensated Rotator Cuff Surgery

Dragana Boljanovic PT, Helen Razmjou PT and Amr Elmaraghy FRCSC. 12(1): 17-23.

Case Report

Pediatric Pyogenic Knee Arthritis Difficult to Treat Due to Drug Allergy

Yukifumi Sakamoto, Takatomo Mine, Koichiro Ihara, Hiroyuki Kawamura, Michio Shinohara, Ryutaro Kuriyama and Yasuhiro Tominaga. 12(1): 35-38.

Research Article

Quantification, Tapering and Positional Analysis of Across 9-Weekly Microcycles in a Professional Chinese Super League Soccer Team

Adam L Owen, Del P Wong, Matt Newton, Anthony Weldon and Nikolaos E Koundourakis. 12(1): 39-56.

Research Article

The Effects of Blood Flow Restriction in Ergonomic Cycle Training of the Upper Limbs on Female-A Randomized Pilot Study

Eduardo Giovani-Martins, Felipe Coimbra-Meira and Rubén Cuesta-Barriuso. 12(1): 57-68.

Research Article

Distal Bicep Brachii Rupture Repair: Relevance of Secondary Fixation with Interference Screws in Endobutton Technique

Funbi Anthony Ayeni, Syed S Mannan, Tosin Akinyemi, Aasiya S Mannan and Afolabi Awodiya. 12(1): 80-84.