Volume 11 Issue 8


Bone Disease Treatments - An Editorial

Da-Yong Lu and Jin-Yu Che. 11(8): 143-145.

Review Article

Genetic Causes of Rickets: Clinical Manifestations, Debut and Orthopaedic Treatment

Gheorghe Burnei, Ionut Daniel Răducan, Cosmin Gabriel Lală, Adriana Maria Daraban and Cristian Burnei. 11(8): 40-51.

Case Report

Posterior Glenohumeral Dislocation: Two Cases

Mouad Beqqali Hassani, Amine El Maqrout, Moncef Boufettal, Mohamed Kharmaz, Moulay Omar Lamrani, Mustapha Mahfoud, Ahmed El Bardouni and Mohamed Saleh Berrada. 11(8): 127-130.

Research Article

Low Cost Open Reduction and Intramedullary Nailing of Diaphyseal Fractures of the Femur and Tibia in Children in a Resource Limited Setting with Kirchner Wires

Ngongang Gilbert Frank Olivier, Fonkoue Loїc, Fodjeu Gaspary, Fokam Pius and Ibrahima Farikou. 11(8): 11-19.

Research Article

Low Back Pain and its Association with Energy Expenditure and Occupational Activities among Nigerian Physiotherapists

Afolabi Aanuoluwapo Deborah, Afolabi Taofik Oluwasegun and Johnson Olubusola Esther. 11(8): 20-27.

Research Article

Body Composition Distribution in Type 2 Diabetic Patients at The Hospital De San José

José León, Jonny Garzón, William Rojas, Angela Marquez and Orlando Angulo. 11(8): 82-89.

Research Article

Frequency of Psychosocial Impact on Parents of Children Undergoing Ponseti Treatment for Clubfeet, with Special Reference to Compliance to Foot Abduction Bracing

Farukh Hussain, Pervez Ali, Anisuddin Bhatti, Kashif Mahmood, Shazia Soomro, Usman Zaffar and Altaf Hussain. 11(8): 90-96.

Research Article

Frequency of Satisfactory Outcome with Ponseti Treatment in Congenital Idiopathic Club Feet

Pervez Ali, Anisuddin Bhatti, Farukh Hussain, Shazia Soomro, Kiran Jaffri, Usman Zaffar and Kashif Murtaza. 11(8): 112-119.

Research Article

Assessment of Functional and Clinical Outcome of Intra-Medullary Locking Nail in Open Fracture Shaft of Tibia

Sajid Javed, Rana Dawood Ahmad Khan and Zeeshan Ali Khan. 11(8): 120-126.

Case Report

Ortho-Biologic Treatment of Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears with T2 Wetmap MRI Follow Up

Austin Yeargan III, Caroline Thomas, Bailey E Montgomery and Thos Evans. 11(8): 131-142.

Research Article

Gait Oscillation Analysis during Gait and Stair Stepping in Two Total Knee Replacement Designs

Takatomo Mine, Masaya Kajino, Jun Sato, Yuuki Fukuda, Koichiro Ihara, Hiroyuki Kawamura, Ryutaro Kuriyama and Yasunari Tominaga. 11(8): 93-99.