Volume 11 Issue 4

Research Article

Comparative Study between Kapandji Intrafocal Pinning Versus Plaster Immobilization of Pouteau-Colles’ Fractures in Adults in Bangui

Bertrand Jean-de-Dieu Tékpa, Tiburce Yafondo, Ulrich Nguena Yamalet, François Xavier Gbassapa, Eve Fassioni and Don Rodrigue Nabia. 11(4): 127-135.

Mini Review

Circulatory Biomarkers of Osteosarcoma: A Review

Pulak Sharma, Ajai Singh, Salma Siddiqui and Sabir Ali. 11(4): 25-27.

Short Communication

Basis for the Use of AMIC Technique - Microfractures Associated with Collagen Membrane

Marcus Vinicius Danieli and João Paulo Fernandes Guerreiro. 11(4): 136-137.

Short Communication

A Physical Therapy Algorithm in the Setting of Orthopaedic Immunobiologics for Unicompartmental Knee Osteoarthritis

Austin Yeargan, Linda Bennett, JAI Isear, Maureen O’Brien, Bailey Montgomery, Thos Evans. 11(4): 01-05.

Research Article

Surgical Hemostasis for Severe Combined Pelvic Injuries

IV Kazhanov, AE Demko, VA Manukovsky, SI Mikityuk, VA Reva, EA Kolchanov and DV Pavlov. 11(4): 62-77.

Case Report

Bilateral Glenohumeral Dislocation Observed as Rare Case

Juan Andrés Ravizzoli. 11(4): 78-82.

Case Report

Giant Osteochondroma in the Pelvis of a Skeletally Mature Patient: Case Report and Review of Literature

Yousef Al Jamman, Marwa Abdulkader, Fouad Al Adel, Jamal Al Madani and Emad Al Absi. 11(4): 49-53.

Case Report

Diastematomylia on MRI - Case Report

Lokesh Rana, Dinesh Sood, Narvir Chauhan, Neeraj Chaudhary, Pooja Gurnal, Sudir Yadav and Inderjeet Chauhan. 11(4): 59-61.

Research Protocol

448 khz Capacitive Resistive Monopolar Radiofrequency and a Supervised Exercise Programme in Patients with Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy? A Research Protocol

Dimitrios Stasinopoulos, Antonis Constantinou, Areti-Zoi Cheimonidou and Dimitrios Lamnisos. 11(4): 98-106.

Case Report

Successful Allogenic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Infantile Osteopetrosis: A Case Report

Raed Alzyoud, Mohammad Wahadneh, Omar Wahadneh, Motasem AlSuweiti, Hiba Maitah, Boshra Adayleh, Mohammed Alnoubani and Adel Alwahadneh. 11(4): 107-110.