Volume 10 Issue 2

Research Article

Epidemiological Aspect of Facial Wounds at Teaching Hospital Joseph Dieudonné Rakotovao Antananarivo Madagascar

Léandre Haminason, Tahiriarivelo Randriamanantena, Rantoniaian H Andriamanantena, Andry F Rasolondraibe and John A Bam Razafindraibe. 10(2): 48-55.

Mini Review

Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries of the Knee

Srinivas B S Kambhampati. 10(2): 56-60.

Case Report

Vitamin D in Refractory Accessory Navicular Syndrome - A Case Report

Shu-Yan Ng, Yin-Ling Elaine Ng and Daniel Kai Yip Pang. 10(2): 61-67.


Low Back Pain is a Disease: Overview

Abbas Alnaji. 10(2): 68.

Research Article

Treatment of Fibromyalgia with Hyperbaric Chamber, Multiple Case Study

Leonardo Andrés Palomino, Héctor Osvaldo Campos and Oscar Ariel Ronzio. 10(2): 69-74.

Case Report

The Efficacy of Surgical Treatment for Neglected Congenital Muscular Torticollis

Nur Gizem Elipek, Mehmet Akif Çaçan and Bekir Yavuz Uçar. 10(2): 75-78.

Case Report

A Rare Case of a Brucellar Granulomatosis Mimicking Soft Tissue Tumor

Konya P, Demirturk N, Konya MN and Tokyol Ç. 10(2): 79-83.

Case Report

Pantalar Arthrodesis Using the Fuse It Arthrodesis Plug in Charcot

Namit Sharma and Gordon Slater. 10(2): 84-89.

Case Report

Open Reduction with Internal Fixation of Midfoot Fractures in a Pediatric Football Player

Adam P Phillips, Ruth R Moen and Andrew B Shinabarger. 10(2): 90-94.

Research Article

Surgical Treatment of Sprengel’s Deformity of the Scapula in Children

Nguyen Ngoc Hung and Nguyen Do Ngoc Hien. 10(2): 95-109.

Case Report

A Pediatric Case of Neuromuscular Scoliosis Caused by Nemaline Myopathy

Furkan Selim Usta, Mehmet Akif Çaçan and Bekir Yavuz Uçar. 10(2): 110-114.