Volume 10 Issue 11


Endothelin-1, A Key Player in Sarcopenia?

Orlando Angulo. 10(11): 82-85.

Research Article

In Silico of the Different Pin Size of Unilateral Tibia External Fixator: A Pilot Study

Nur Amalina Zainudin and Muhammad Hanif Ramlee. 10(11): 07-10.

Clinical Image

Closed Intervention of Type 4 Humerus Supracondylar Fracture: A Clinical Image

Seyyed-Mohammad Qoreishi, Sahab-Sadat Tabatabaei, Kourosh Kharkan Ghamsari, Siamak Shabani and Seyyed-Mohsen Hosseininejad. 10(11): 01-02.

Research Article

Findings in Non-Recalled Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty Patients

David B Johnson, Sean A Sutphen, Jacob J Triplet, Benjamin C Taylor and Ray C Wasielewski. 10(11): 43-51.

Research Article

Effect of Testing Language on ImPACT Scores in Non-Native English Speakers

Jennifer L Volberding, Ashley K Ziniel, Matthew S O’Brien and Aric J Warren. 10(11): 64-72.

Research Article

Neurosurgical Ballistic Injuries in Madagascar

Rivo Andriandanja Rafidimalala, Rakotoarivelo JA, Ramarokoto M, Ratovondrainy W, Rabarijanona M and Anriamamonjy C. 10(11): 86-94.

Case Series

You are What You Eat…Banana Slips and Fractured Hips

Daniel R Bradley, Benedict A Rogers and Philip Stott. 10(11): 03-04.

Research Article

Exploring Service Quality Perceptions and Satisfaction of Athletes in Greek Disability Sports Clubs

Graikinis-Evaggelinos P, Tsitskari E, Kourtesis T and Alexandris K. 10(11): 33-42.

Research Article

Development of a Haptic Simulator for Pedicle Screw Insertion: A Pilot Study

Maryam Moafimadani, Karl Zabjek and Reinhard Zeller, Mary Wang and David Wang. 10(11): 73-81.

Research Article

Gait Analysis of Foot Drop in the Anatomic Plan Using the Walkaide® Device

FMFBM Aragão, AVM Inocêncio, EM Aragão Junior, JC Vieira, C Rodrigues, CS Silveira and MAB Rodrigues. 10(11): 95-102.

Research Article

Surgical Approach in Patients with Scoliosis “De Novo”

Pier Paolo Mura. 10(11): 103-119.

Review Article

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field - A Review in Musculoskeletal Conditions

Radhika Thakkar and Megha Sheth. 10(11): 127-130.