Volume 13 Issue 2

Research Article

Analysis of Current Trends in the Study of Glaucoma Based on a Review of Scientific Publications

Zaporozhetc LA, Alekseev VN, Egorov EA, Martynova EB and Alekseev Yu A. 13(02): 09-16.

Research Article

Small Incision Cataract Surgery with Self-Sealing Corneal Tunnel: What Interest?

Atipo-Tsiba PW and Messe Ambia Koulimaya R.

Research Article

Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy Treated at the La Selva Ophthalmology Clinic

Jose Anibal Chavez Rodriguez, Luis Felipe Arévalo Arévalo, Gioconda Lourdes Armas Herrera and Zully Alexandra Santa Cruz Pérez

Case Report

Suture of a Plate-Type Intraocular Lens in the Absence of a Capsular Bag. A Case Report

Meza-Anguiano Alonso, Romo-García Efraín, Paz-Camacho Silvia, Gutiérrez-Ruiz Gilberto Noé and Quiñonez-Quiñonez Wilehaldo.

Case Report

Surgical Dilemma in Combined Anomaly of Squint and Ptosis with Jaw Winking-A Case Report

Salil Kumar, Poorva Shrivastava and Lalit Shrivastava.

Case Report

Central Scotoma with no Apparent Abnormalities on Fundscopy - Case Report of Placoid Neuroretinitis Mimicking Retrobulbar Neuritis

Pedro Trés Vieira Gomes, Paulo Tadeu Silva Campos, Julia Pontes Sousa, Davi Trés Vieira Gomes, Isabela Rita de Carvalho Cunha, Natanael de Abreu Sousa, Leticia Rosa Ribeiro Cunha and Kamilla Serqueira de Oliveira.

Case Report

Central Retinal Vein Occlusion as a Post COVID-19 Complication

Mohamed Ahmed Tawfik, Valvita Reçi and Islam Saeed.

Systematic Review

Effects of Amniotic Membrane on Limbal Stem Cell Transplantation on Ocular Trauma in Animal Models: A Systematic Review

Farshid Karimi, Fateh Hamidi, Arash Salmaninejad, Jamshid Motaei, Seyed Aliasghar Mosavi

Case Study

Presbyopia Impact: A Case Study

Merkineh Markos Lorato

Letter to Editor

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Glasses Sketch

Miguelangel Salazar Vilanova