Volume 12 Issue 5

Guest Editorial

Biofeedback in Treatment of Eye Ailments

Ved Prakash Banga. 12(5): 01-03.

Research Article

How to Avoid Risk of Extraocular Extension from Retinoblastoma Intravitreal Chemotherapy

Nadiia Bobrova, Tetyana Sorochynska, Svetlana Tronina and Oleksandr Bratishko. 12(5): 04-11.

Research Article

Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Guilherme Castela, Joana Providência, Barbara Oliveiros, Joaquim Murta, Zélia Correa and Miguel Castelo Branco. 12(5): 12-26.

Review Article

The Role of Non-Anti-TNFα Biologics in Refractory Non-Infectious Uveitis: A Literature Review

Jonah N Gould MD, Jonah Buckstein, Jeffrey Martow MD, Michael I Gould MD and Theodore Rabinovitch MD. 12(5): 27-34.

Mini Review

Optic Nerve Head Hemangioblastoma; Manifestation and Treatment, a Mini-Review of Literature

Hamid Riazi Esfahani, Nazanin Ebrahimiadib, Shahin Faghihi, Kaveh Fadakar and Hooshang Faghihi. 12(5): 35-37.

Case Report

Intraocular Lens Opacification After Uncomplicated Cataract Surgery

Mohammed Ali Mohammed. 12(5): 38-41.

Case Series

Globe Fixation to Nasal Periosteum with Superior Oblique Muscle Tendon in Patients with Large-Angle Exotropia

Manuela Franco, Juan Martín Grice, Juan Nicolas Barreto, Marcela Lonngi and Monica Rodriguez. 12(5): 42-48.

Clinical Image

OCTA Evidence of Myopic Choroidal Neovascularization Complete Regression after Anti-VEGF Intravitreal Injection

Raffaele Raimondi, Alessandro Randazzo, Carlo Castellani and Paolo Vinciguerra. 12(5): 49-50.