Volume 11 Issue 11

Research Article

Impact of Daily Living Activities on Blink Rate and Blink Patterns

Laiba Sandhu, Sara Gilani, Rabia Zaidi and Fatima Iqbal. 11(11): 03-19.

Case Report

Neonatal Rubeosis and Fibrovascular Membrane

Kenan R Rajjoub, Osama Sabbagh, Andrew F Kolker and Heather de Beaufort. 11(11): 20-24.

Research Protocol

Concept about Eyeball and Eye Wall

B Shukla. 11(11): 25-27.

Research Article

Incidence and Risk Factors of Retinopathy of Prematurity in a Spanish Tertiary Hospital

Ayla Basasoro, Maitane Ibarguren, Laura Cortazar Galarza, Sergio Perez-Torres, Cristina Irigoyen. 11(11): 28-39.

Research Article

Unilateral Inflammation of Proximal Lacrimal Drainage System

Titap Yazicioğlu and Şaban Şimşek. 11(11): 40-44.

Case Report

Post-Keratoplasty Keratitis Associated with Sphingobacterium spiritivorum

Raul F Membreno, David Massop, Ahmad Kheirkhah and Daniel A Johnson. 11(11): 50-52.