Volume 10 Issue 9


Future of Lacrimal Intubation

Mohamed Elaswad. 10(9): 680.

Review Article

What’s Next for Ultraviolet Corneal Crosslinking?

Philip W Dockery, Katelyn P Joubert and Jack S Parker. 10(9): 687-693.

Case Report

A Case of Shield Ulcer with Corneal Scarring in a Child of Vernal -Keratoconjunctivitis

Mandeep Tomar, Manmohan Tomar, Deepanshu Dhiman and Anubhav Chauhan. 10(9): 694-698.

Case Series

Nystagmus Secondary to Metabolic Disease: Review of Six Cases

InSim Ng and Jorge Sales Marques. 10(9): 699-704.


Under Diagnosed Etiology of the Unhappy EDOF Patient

Edward Hedaya. 10(9): 705.

Review Article

Pathophysiology and Management of Diabetic Retinopathy Features

Elige Chbat, John Conrath, Christophe Morel, Bruno Morin1 and François Devin. 10(9): 706-726.

Research Article

Clinical Results of Evisceration with Double Scleral Flap and Posterior Sclerotomy

Umut Dag, Mehmet Fuat Alakuş and Sevim Çakmak. 10(9): 727-733.

Research Article

Level of Knowledge about Refractive Error and Corrective Lenses in Patients of Santa Casa de Misericórdia of Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo

Lucas Vianna Figueirêdo, Danilo Ruiz Alcântara and João Nassaralla. 10(9): 736-740.

Case Report

Reversal of Retinal Ischemia from Idiopathic Obliterative Vasculitis with Treatment

Osama Sabbagh, Jacob Gibby, Obadah Moushmoush, Carl Noble, Monica Dalal and Marena Patronas. 10(9): 741-743.

Research Article

Do Horizontal Recti Muscles Spontaneous Reattach and Adjust After Suture Less Surgery for Huge Squint?

Said Abul Kader Jamal Eddin, Abdul Gaffar Nahhas, Gias Uddin Ahmad and Dheyaedeen Hussein Menem. 10(9): 744-750.

Research Article

Association between Low Serum Vitamin C Level and Cataract in Elderly Patients

Hayder M Al-Talqani, Adelah Abbood Taher and Bushraa N Lafta. 10(9): 751-760.

Research Article

Axial Length is a Better Predictor of Glaucoma Progression among Myopic Eyes

Sayantan Biswas and Mobashir Fatimah. 10(9): 767-780.


3D Visualization for Vitreoretinal Surgery

Steve Charles. 10(9): 797-798.