Volume 10 Issue 11


Vitamin D: An Eye Superhero?

V M Asensio-Sánchez. 10(11): 01-02.

Research Article

To Investigate the Morphologic Alterations in and Around the Optic Disc by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) in Eyes with Different Degree of Myopia

Mayank Kumar Srivastava, Santosh Kumar, Arun Kumar Singh, Vinod Kumar Singh, Jagriti Rana and Rajesh Kumar. 10(11): 03-16.

Conceptual Paper

Surgical Approaches for Perforated Cornea

Samhaa Mohammed Abd Elmoneim Seleim. 10(11): 94-97.


Retaining Very Low Vision

Ram Lal Sharma. 10(11): 92-93.

Short Communication

Refractive Correction in Childhood

Mohamed Elaswad. 10(11): 28.

Research Article

Problems Facing by Visually Impaired People during Interaction with Mobile Applications

Hammad Hassan Qureshi and Doris Hooi-Ten Wong. 10(11): 29-36.


When You Should Ask to Speak to Your Physician

Frank J Weinstock. 10(11): 26-27.

Research Article

Frequency of Lesions Found on Endoscopy in Patients Presenting with Dyspepsia in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Waheedullah, Muhammad Daud, Nimatullah, Nizar Khan and Muhammad Omar khan. 10(11): 70-75.

Research Protocol

Spectacle Mounted Synoptophore: The Cutting Edge

Sanjoy Chowdhury, Madhumita Srivastava and Nilanjan Chowdhury. 10(11): 84-88.

Research Article

pH and Osmolality of Pre-corneal Tear Film and Commercially Available Artificial Tears

Eghosasere Iyamu and Oghomwen Enobakhare. 10(11): 17-25.

Review Article

Theories and Experiments on Perceptual Filling- in at the Retinal Blind Spot: A Survey

Amrita Mukherjee and Kuntal Ghosh. 10(11): 52-62.

Research Article

Vitrectomy in the Management of Posterior Segment Intraocular Foreign Bodies

Khalifa Alsawidi and Amal Elbahi. 10(11): 89-91.

Research Article

Ptosis in Patients with Cerebral Strokes

Sanjoy Chowdhury, Madhumita Srivastava and Nilanjan Chowdhury. 10(11): 103-106.

Research Article

Subscleral Trabeculectomy with Iris Incarceration in Buphthalmous

Shaaban Abd-Elhamid Mehany Elwan and Ahmed M Eid. 10(11): 107-114.

Research Article

Treatment and Referral Pattern of Glaucoma Patients: A Survey of Practicing Optometrists

Ireju O Chukwuka and Elizabeth A Awoyesuku. 10(11): 121-127.

Clinical Images

Unusual Location of Eye Lashes

Imane Taribs, Joumany Ibrahim Salem, Mehdi El Khamaily, Kawtar Zaoui, Karim Reda and Abdelbarre Oubaaz. 10(11): 852-854.

Case Report

Late Retinal Manifestations of Electric Shock Retinopathy: A Case Report

Diego Valera-Cornejo, Marlon García-Roa, Paulina Ramírez-Neria, Verónica Romero-Morales, Yolanda Villalpando-Gómez and Renata García-Franco. 10(11): 115-120.

Research Article

Prevalence of Hepatitis ‘B’ and Hepatitis ‘C’ among Preoperative Cataract Patients in the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital

Samia Iqbal, Muhammad Khizar Bashir, Fida Hussain and Zahid Mahmood Chaudhry. 10(11): 128-134.

Research Article

Types of Accommodation Anomalies in Children between 4 - 18 Years of Age in Hospital Based Setup Navi Mumbai

Pratyush Dhakal, Prachi Agashe, Amrita Samanta and Dhrubajyoti Bhaduri. 10(11): 135-139.