Volume 10 Issue 10


Past and Present of Amblyopia Treatment

K K Yadav and Suchita MD. 10(10): 799-800.

Research Article

Ocular Adverse Effects in Patients with Systemic Isotretinoin in King Khaled Hospital, Hail, Saudi Arabia, 2018 - 2019

Jluwi Saud Almasaud, Fawaz Freih Alshammrie, Wejdan Saad Alruwaili, Rehab Fahad Alharbi and Ghida Ahmed Alghafees. 10(10): 801-806.

Case Report

Removal of Foreign Body from Orbital Cavity without Visual Commitment in Patient Victim of Aggression: Case Report

Laryssa Pereira Alves, Livia Garcia Biselli, Marcelo Vicente de Andrade Sobrinho, José Luis Braga de Aquino and Douglas Alexandre R Pereira. 10(10): 807-810.

Mini Review

Approach to Systemic Infections Presenting as Red Eye

Jessica Cao and Raymond Stein. 10(10): 811-815.

Case Report

Unusual Home to Foreign Body

Lakshmi Kuniyal. 10(10): 816-818.

Case Report

Primary Angle Glaucoma or Secondary Glaucoma Induced Using Corticosteroid-Case Report

Cristina Nicula and Corina Scorobet. 10(10): 819-822.

Research Article

Description of Curve Patterns with Sensimed Triggerfish® Contact Lens through 24-Hours Intraocular Pressure Monitoring. Pilot Study

Cortes Alcocer Claudia, Chau-Ramos Carlos Enrique, Del Real Jimenez Fernando, Gurria-Quintana Lani, Lazcano-Gomez Gabriel and Jimenez-Roman Jesus. 10(10): 823-830.

Literature Review

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP): Analysis of Screening, Incidence and Risk Factors (FP 1343)

Vijayender Kumar Dhull, Anugya Agrawal, Geeta Gathwala and Manisha Nada. 10(10): 837-840.

Thematic Article

Highlights on Pterygium Surgery

Ibrahim Ali. 10(10): 848-849.

Letter to Editor

The Utility of In Vivo Imaging in Experimental Ophthalmology

Despina Kokona. 10(10): 850-851.

Research Article

Changes of Tear Function Tests in Patients with Hashimoto Disease

Adnan Aksoy, Ozan Balakan, Rusen Fatih Gokuc and Nalan Ayse Aksoy. 10(10): 875-881.

Research Article

Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome in "Amistad Argelia- Cuba" Ophthalmological Hospital in Djelfa

Yisel Núñez Larín, Iramis Miranda Hernández, Iván Hernández López, Jesús Rubén Hernández Ramos and Isabel Obret Mendive. 10(10): 865-869.

Research Article

Dry Eye Symptoms and Screen Exposure Time in the Workplace

Feim Mazreku and Ilir Mazreku. 10(10): 886-891.

Case Report

Arc Welding Induced Maculopathy and Infra-Red Radiation Injury Hypothesis

Fawaz H Alzweimel, Mowaffaq K Alkassasbeh, Omar A Alsaqour, Yousef B Yaaqba and Etaf A Altanashat. 10(10): 870-874.

Case Report

Unilateral External Ocular Myiasis Caused by Sheep Botfly - A Case Report

Kumar Hariharan and Joan Bryant Kumar. 10(10): 882-885.