Volume 9 Issue 2

Short Communication

Affect Regulating Child Approach for Neurobiological Disorders

Wijntje van der Ende. 9(2): 47-51.

Research Article

Poor Response to Aspirin on Platelet Function Assay and the Associated Factors in Patients with Ischemic Stroke

Jin Ok Kim, Tae-Hyung Kim, Jae Guk Kim, Sung-Yeon Sohn, Do-Hyung Kim and Soo Joo Lee. 9(2): 52-55.

Research Article

A Service Evaluation of Videofluoroscopy of Swallow Outcomes in People with Parkinson’s Disease

Anne-Louise Cunnington, Carol Nelson and Catherine Dunnet. 9(2): 56-59.

Case Report

Sub Clinical Rhythmic Electrographic Discharges in Adults in Acute Confusional State

Sajeesh Parameswaran, Anil Kumar TV, Ajith M, Anu Mohan and A Marthanda Pillai. 9(2): 60-63.