Volume 8 Issue 3


This Is Me As I See Myself

Ismail Hakki Aydin. 8(3): 66-69.

Case Report

Toxic Stress and MTBI; An Explosive Combination

Erik J.T. Matser, Boon AE and Mertens IMEL. 8(3): 70-78.

Case Report

A Rare Case Presentation of Somatosensory Reflex Epilepsy

Krupa Torne and Nita Sutay. 8(3): 79-84.


Heat Shock Proteins: Still Hot in Neurodegenerative Disease?

Jane M Johnston, Molly Caperna, Jay Gadsden and Nikolaos Tezapsidis. 8(3): 85-90.

Literature Review Article

Holistic Healing and Hearing Voices: Self-Care for Patients with Schizophrenia

Anna Cornelia Beyer. 8(3): 91-99.

Short Communication

Use of Virtual Reality in Health: A Focus on Physical Recovery

Luan Correia, Alzira Andrade, Fernanda Mello, Marco Orsini, Alberto Dias Neto, Silmar Teixeira, Pedro Ribeiro and Victor Hugo Bastos. 8(3): 100-102.