Volume 4 Issue 4

Review Article

A Review of Mirtazapine Use for Primary Providers

Hani Raoul Khouzam, Richa Bhatia and Gillian L Sowden. 4(4): 119-134.

Mini Review

Central Fatigue as Performance Restrictor in Rehabilitation Programs?

Fernando Silva-Júnior, Victor Hugo Bastos and Silmar Silva Teixeira. 4(4): 135-139.

Research Article

Electroencephalographic Finds - EEG According to 13 Cases of Patients who are Cocaine Chronic Users in Comparison to a Healthy Control Group of 10 Patients with Similar Characteristics

Sandra López Carrillo, Ángel Molina León, Ramón Sobrino Torrens, María Pilar Egea Cegarra, Juana María Pagán Sánchez and Carmen Rodenas Meca. 4(4): 140-151.